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Language trips for young adults

Explore the world, immerse yourself in a new culture, and make friends from all over the globe during your language course abroad.

You’re going to love it!
Two friends smiling outdoors, enjoying a cultural language travel experience.

Language Courses Abroad for Young Adults (18-24)

Are you looking for a unique experience that combines vacation, making new friends, and personal development? Then a language holiday is perfect for you. A language trip is an amazing adventure where you learn a new language, discover the local culture, and make friends from around the world.

The language courses are super fun and interactive. That means no boring classroom learning, but lots of speaking, exploring, and practical application. Plus, you’ll have plenty of free time after classes to explore the city, hit the beach, or party at the club! A language trip is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that also prepares you for the future.

Popular destinations

Harbor city with boats, ideal destination for language immersion and traveling.

St. Julians


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Historic cityscape with cathedral, palm trees, perfect locale for Spanish language immersion.



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Historic city street with bikes and buildings, perfect for immersion trips.



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Charming European street, perfect for immersing in local language and culture.



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Charming Italian piazza, ideal for experiencing local culture and practicing language skills.



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Sunset over coastal landscape, ideal for serene language immersion travel experience.



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Scenic coastal town street, perfect for immersive language learning and travel.



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What to Expect on Your Language Trip

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People enjoy cultural dance during a language immersion trip.
A group of international students attending a language exchange event.