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Professional language level tests

Do you want to know how good your language level is? You can determine your language level with the free Extralingo language test. We have designed different types of tests for multiple languages. Select the test you want to take and within a few minutes you will get a good idea of ​​your current level.

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Reach the next language level

Curious about how long it takes to reach the next language level? Then take the language development trajectory test. This gives you an estimate of how long it will take to go from a certain level to a desired level. The test also takes into account your age and current skills.

Learning a language takes time. Getting there is what makes the experience so much fun. So don't be put off, but enjoy the experiences it brings. Every week of language training helps and brings you closer to your goal.

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Group of people on a language travel excursion, excited and united.
Two friends smiling outdoors, enjoying a cultural language travel experience.
Groep toeristen luistert naar gids tijdens rondleiding door historische stad.