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We will guide you to book the best language trip you have ever experienced. Please read one of our blogs to get a better idea what the different options are. Next to that we advise you the most likeable activities to do during your language trip.

5 Cultural things to do in Valencia

by Linda

A lot of people would say Valencia is a city to fall in love with. Spanish people live slower, seem to enjoy things more, eat outside and chill on terraces. This makes Spanish cities populair city-trip destinations. Valencia seems to have it al, culture, ancient buildings, a beach and great food. Besides that art-lovers can eat their hearth out when visiting Valencia. How: hereby five, artistic cultural delights when visiting Valencia - we skip the L’Hemisfèric (City of Arts and Sciences) cause everybody knows about that, right.

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Why San Sebastián is like heaven for sportive culture-lovers who adore food

14-09-2018 by Linda

An impressive coastline with golden beaches and a bright blue sea forms the perfect surf bay in the backyard of San Sebastián. Meanwhile the historic buildings are right along the coast and packed with the best pinchos-bars and seafood-restaurants. No surprise that at Extralingo we are very happy to add San Sebastián to our list of Spanish cities to learn Spanish in. You can learn Spanish in San Seabastián at language school Lacunza. Below we explain why everyone should have been in San Sebastián at least once.

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Waarom het leren van een nieuwe taal je 152.000 dollar kan opleveren

11-09-2018 door Linda

Uit vele onderzoeken blijkt: het spreken van een extra taal is veel waard op je CV. Je komt niet alleen interessanter en ambitieuzer over, het heeft vaak ook nog écht praktisch nut. Als je in een internationaal bedrijf werkt bijvoorbeeld en je een van de weinigen bent die de emails van die Spaanse klant of partner kan vertalen en beantwoorden. De Amerikaanse econoom Albert Saiz rekende uit dat het beheersen van een vreemde taal je salaris een boost geeft van gemiddeld 2 tot 3 procent.

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These are the 6 best language schools of Málaga

07-09-2018 by Florecita

Spaniards are super hospitable, this is probably nothing new to you. The Malagueños / Boquerones of Málaga are undoubtedly the friendliest people of Spain. This fifth city of Spain provides you with a pleasant climate and fresh sea breeze all year round. A perfect choice for your language journey. With made a overview that will help you on your way to find the perfect language school.

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These are the 6 best Spanish language schools in Madrid

by Florecita

To help you choose the best language school in Madrid to learn Spanish, we have selected the six best schools of 2018 for you. All selected schools have a study room, Wi-Fi, offer activities and give you a certificate upon completion of the course. The maximum number of students is between 8 and 10 and all schools are accredited.

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5 places to go to for art-lovers in Valencia

by Linda

A lot of people say Valencia is a city to fall in love with. Makes sense, cause this Spanish city on a three hour drive from Barcelona seems to have it all: culture, ancient buildings, a beach and great food. Besides that, art-lovers can eat their heart out. Hereby the five artistic cultural delights you must visit - apart from L’Hemisfèric (City of Arts and Sciences).

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Deze beurzen kan je krijgen als je in het buitenland gaat studeren

03-08-2017 by Linda

Je studietijd is hét moment om te ontdekken of een leven in een ander land iets voor jou is. Je kan naar het buitenland om een bachelor of master te volgen, om er een stage te lopen of om er je scriptie schrijven. Dus leuk ideemaar hoe betaal je dit? Wij zochten uit voor welke studiebeurzen je in aanmerking kan komen.

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In the spotlights: El Carmen Spanish School in Valencia, Spain

04-07-2018 by Florecita

‘You really need to want to learn Spanish and embrace the culture! Oh and don’t get angry if the Spaniards make you wait for something’ 😊

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6 redenen waarom je een nieuwe taal zou moeten leren

29-06-2018 by Linda

Er zijn genoeg redenen te bedenken om níét te willen beginnen aan het leren van een nieuwe taal. Het kost tijd. Je hebt het al te druk. Bent allang uitgestudeerd. Spreekt al twee talen en mist een talenknobbel. Gaat liever op ontspannen vakantie. En wat heb je er eigenlijk aan? Nou genoeg. Wij vonden 6 hele goede redenen om juist wél nog een nieuwe taal te willen leren.

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5 monumenten van de Werelderfgoedlijst die je niet mag overslaan tijdens je taalreis in Spanje

22-06-2018 by Florecita

Wist je dat van de 1073 monumenten die op de Werelderfgoedlijst staan, er 46 in Spanje zijn te vinden? Dit zijn monumenten die door UNESCO (onderdeel van de Verenigde Naties) zó belangrijk worden gevonden dat ze van waarde zouden zijn voor de hele wereld en dus behouden moeten worden. Wij kozen er vijf uit waarvan wij vinden dat je er ten minste één bezocht móét hebben tijdens je taalreis in Spanje.

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'Wat ik leerde toen ik in mijn eentje op taalreis ging'

18-06-2018 by Florecita

Florecita Barreveld (30) loopt stage bij Extralingo. Acht jaar terug ging ze in haar eentje op taalreis naar Mexico. Hier raakte ze verknocht aan solo-reizen en de Spaanse taal. Voor Extralingo blog rakelt ze nog een keertje haar herinneringen aan deze tijd op.

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4 tips om je Spaans te oefenen nog vóór je op taalreis gaat

15-06-2018 by Florecita

Hartstikke leuk, die taalreis, maar nóg leuker als het Spaans je niet volkomen vreemd in de oren klinkt bij aankomst, toch? Of je nou al een basis hebt of niet verder komt dan ‘Hola!’, met deze tips kom je altijd voorbereid aan in Spanje. 

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4 Spanish fiestas that you (and we) don't want to miss this summer

06-05-2018 by Linda

We dived into the overload of Spanish summer festivals to select the best for you, and found a pattern: throwing food and drinks at each other seem to be a festive-thing over here. These are the 4 national festivals that we would actually want to go to ourselves in june, july and august.

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Ronda: the perfect place for an immersion into Spanish culture

30-05-2018 door Team Entrelenguas

It is not only its size (40,000 inhabitants), its excellent climate or the fact that it is strategically located in a beautiful, natural setting, surrounded by green landscapes. It is also the kindness of the people of Ronda, the small local businesses and the authentic traditions that makes this city the ideal place to immerse yourself into Spanish culture and to get to know Andalusia and its people very closely.

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Why Spain is The Perfect Place to be

04-05-2018 by Linda

People in Spain know how to live the good life. On this Mediterranean part of the world people live their life full of passion, or pasión, as Spaniards would say themselves. Whether they are busy relaxing on terraces with the best wine and the tastiest tapas. Or siesta and live tranquilo during the hottest hours of the day. Spain makes its clichés true, but has many surprises in store as well.

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Things you have to know about insurances before you go on languagetrip

03-05-2018 by Linda

Going on a languagetrip of course is all nice. You pack your bag and go on a mini-adventure, learn an exotic - or less exotic - language, make friends from all over the world and be a resident of a city somewhere far away for a little while. Of course, just like you, we hope that your languagetrip goes without troubles. But there’s always a chance something will happen. Your iPhone gets stolen out of your pocket without you noticing it, you lose your sunglasses in the sand, or you break your toe while hiking. This kind off experiences are no fun. 

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Why do a DELE or a SIELE course?

16-04-2018 by Linda

Wanting to prove your ability to speak, read and write in Spanish and get an official certificate for this? Both DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) and SIELE (International Spanish Language Evaluation Service) are international recognized certifications that test your level of Spanish. But what are the differences? And how to choose which test to do?

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What is my language level?

16-04-2018 by Linda

Er is een internationaal standaard gecreëerd waaruit je kan afleiden tot welk niveau jij behoort. Wij hebben dat voor jou versimpeld weer gegeven op Extralingo, in dit artikel vind je de uitgebreidere versie.

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hearing You understand... • Some words and basic-sentences • Common words and sentences
supervisor_account You can... • Briefly introduce yourself
• Give answers to some simple question
• Introduce yourself (shortly)
• Give answers to some simple questions
mode_edit You can... • Fill in simple forms • Make short notes
• Write a very simple personal letter



You understand... • The thread of a story • Different opinions • Usually the whole story
supervisor_account You can... • Join a conversations about everyday subjects
• Briefly give and substantiate your opinion
• Talk fairly well with locals
• Clearly explain and substantiate your opinion
mode_edit You can... • Write down experiences and impressions in a general way • Write down experiences and impressions in a detailed way



hearing You understand... • Complex stories and opinions • Literary and academic texts
supervisor_account You can... • Effortlessly take part in a variety of conversation • Effortlessly have complex conversations and discussions
mode_edit You can... • Write down comprehensive text
• Write down detailed situations on paper
• Write a comprehensive essay
• Use complex words in your descriptions

If you do not have any prior knowledge of the language at all, then you are a total beginner. In case you already have a little knowledge, you may consider yourself A1.

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