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Lowest price guarantee check_circle

When you book at Extralingo, you’ll be assured from receiving the lowest price. We do not charge any fees or extra costs, so you’ll pay the same price as with the school. Did you find a cheaper price somewhere else? Let us know and we will refund you the difference.

  •   Lowest price guarantee
  •   We refund any difference

Free cancellation check_circle

Regardless of the type of course and school you book, you can always cancel your booking free of charge until six weeks prior to arrival. Booking your course at Extralingo offers you great flexibility in cancelling or changing your language trip.

  •   Always free cancellation up to 6 weeks prior to arrival
  •   Change your booking free of charge

Secure bookings check_circle

Extralingo is partner of SGR, ANVR and Allianz. Your bookings are freely insured by the calamity fund and you’ll receive a free accommodation insurance up to 500 euro. Because of our insurance, there is no need to pay any deposit upon arrival.

  •   Official SGR member
  •   Free accommodation insurance
  •   No deposits
  •   Allianz Global Partner

Great support check_circle

Our team has over 30 years of experience in travel and consists of passionate travellers who are very enthusiastic and happy to advise you. Our team is here to help you answer your questions and to assure you’ll find your perfect language trip!

  •   30 years experience
  •   Passionate travellers
  •   Great advice


We already provide the biggest offer of Spanish language schools in the world! We are totally unambiguous, you can decide by yourself which school fitch you the most.


We just offer you a total standardised overview about the possibilities their are. We make it very easy to select and compare by our standardisation of languagetrips.


It was not easier than before to book your languagetrip online and safe by your local payment standards.

Your trip starts here


100% the lowest price

Here you'll always pay the lowest price. Did you find the school for a lower price somewhere else? We'll reimburse the difference plus a 5% extra discount.


Free cancellation

Regardless of the type of course and school you book, you can always cancel your booking free of charge until six weeks prior to arrival.


Certified schools

We work with high quality and certified language schools, so you'll always receive high quality language education.


Find out your language level




hearing You understand... • Some words and basic-sentences • Common words and sentences
supervisor_account You can... • Briefly introduce yourself
• Give answers to some simple question
• Introduce yourself (shortly)
• Give answers to some simple questions
mode_edit You can... • Fill in simple forms • Make short notes
• Write a very simple personal letter



You understand... • The thread of a story • Different opinions • Usually the whole story
supervisor_account You can... • Join a conversations about everyday subjects
• Briefly give and substantiate your opinion
• Talk fairly well with locals
• Clearly explain and substantiate your opinion
mode_edit You can... • Write down experiences and impressions in a general way • Write down experiences and impressions in a detailed way



hearing You understand... • Complex stories and opinions • Literary and academic texts
supervisor_account You can... • Effortlessly take part in a variety of conversation • Effortlessly have complex conversations and discussions
mode_edit You can... • Write down comprehensive text
• Write down detailed situations on paper
• Write a comprehensive essay
• Use complex words in your descriptions

If you do not have any prior knowledge of the language at all, then you are a total beginner. In case you already have a little knowledge, you may consider yourself A1.

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