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Free Spanish language level test

Are you curious about your Spanish language level? With the Extralingo Spanish language proficiency test, you can determine your Spanish language proficiency quickly and accurately. By answering 15 short questions, you will discover your Spanish language level and receive a detailed analysis in your email. The test is created by Extralingo and is completely free.

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Why Your Spanish Language Level is Important

Firstly, it’s interesting to know how good your Spanish really is. But more than that, it’s also very useful information. When searching for the perfect Spanish language course, knowing your starting level is crucial. Additionally, if you aim to reach a specific Spanish proficiency level, your current Spanish language level is the starting point to determine how long you will need.

When you book a Spanish language course through Extralingo, a Spanish proficiency test is always included. This means that you will take a short test at the language school to determine your level and ensure you are placed in the right class.

Take the Extralingo Spanish language test now, so you know which level to look for when exploring language courses.

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Understand CEFR Levels: From A1 Spanish to C2 Spanish

CEFR stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is a standard for measuring your language proficiency. It starts at A1 for beginners and goes up to C2 for the most advanced speakers. The levels in between, each with their own skill sets, are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

  • A1: Basic skills such as simple sentences and everyday words.
  • A2: At this level, you can talk a bit more and understand more of the language.
  • B1: You can hold conversations and understand simple texts.
  • B2: You can say and write fairly complex things.
  • C1: Almost like a native speaker, good in professional and academic situations.
  • C2: Highly proficient, able to understand and produce complex texts.

By taking the Extralingo Spanish language test, you will know your CEFR level and can make a clear plan to progress.

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How to Effectively Test Your Spanish Language Level

There are various ways to determine your Spanish language level:

Formal Exams: The most well-known Spanish proficiency exams are the DELE and SIELE exams. These exams officially determine your CEFR language level and provide a valid certificate. However, they are not free. DELE exams cost between £100 and £260 (depending on your level), and SIELE exams cost around £165.

Assessment by a Teacher or Professional: A teacher or professional can make an accurate assessment of your level. This type of test is interactive but depends on the availability of these individuals and can be expensive.

Online Language Tests: Online Spanish language tests can vary in length and quality but often provide a good indication of your level. Some tests are paid, while others are free. The Extralingo Spanish language test, developed by professionals, offers reliable results and is free.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I test my Spanish language level?
You can easily test your Spanish language level with our online Spanish level test. It assesses your Spanish language skills and provides reliable results, letting you know exactly where you stand.
Why is it important to know my Spanish language level?
Knowing your Spanish language level is important when choosing your language course. It provides a clear picture of your starting level and indicates how long you need to study to reach the next or a specific level.
What are the CEFR levels for Spanish?
The CEFR levels in Spanish range from A1 (beginner) to C2 (advanced). Each level represents a distinct degree of language proficiency, with A1 being the entry level and C2 being the highest.
How good are online Spanish language tests?
Online Spanish language tests are accurate, provided you choose a good one. Check reviews and experiences of others to find the right test. The Extralingo Spanish language test is developed by professionals and offers reliable results.
Is a Spanish language test free?
Yes, the Extralingo Spanish language test is a free level test to determine your proficiency level.