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Terms and Conditions

Extralingo B.V. ('' Extralingo '') applies the ANVR-Consumer Terms and Conditions (consisting of the ANVR Travel Conditions and the ANVR Booking Conditions) and the additional travel conditions (hereafter collectively: the 'Extralingo General Terms and Conditions’). The ANVR Consumer Conditions can be found via ANVR Terms and Conditions and can be requested anytime and free of charge at Extralingo’s customer service via or by calling +31 (0) 72 2029268 during working days between 9:00 hours and 22:00 hours and on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 and 18:00.

The Extralingo General Terms and Conditions consists of two parts: (i) the ANVR Travel Conditions and the additional travel conditions and, (ii) the ANVR Booking Conditions. One of these parts always applies between the traveler and Extralingo. Before entering into the (travel) agreement, the offer clearly indicates in which capacity Extralingo is acting and which conditions apply. The Extralingo Terms and Conditions can be modified by Extralingo at any time and without prior notice.

ANVR- Travel conditions and additional travel conditions:
The ANVR Travel Conditions and additional travel conditions apply if you book a package trip where Extralingo acts as a tour operator. A package tour is a trip compiled by a tour operator that includes a language trip with a duration of at least 1 week and comprising two or more of the following elements: a) transportation; b) accommodation; c) language course; d) another tourist service not related to transport, stay or language course, which represents a significant part of the journey. If Extralingo acts as a travel agent whereby Extralingo, in its own name, offers a package trip, the ANVR Travel Conditions and additional travel conditions also apply.

ANVR- Booking conditions:
The ANVR Booking Conditions apply to all other forms of services where Extralingo acts as a travel agent. In addition to the ANVR Booking Conditions, the general terms and conditions of the relevant service provider also apply. Extralingo is in this case only a mediator between the traveler and the service provider and is not part of the (travel) agreement between the traveler and the service provider. The service provider is responsible for the execution of the agreement.

Article 1: Definitions In the ANVR Travel Conditions and the additional conditions described here:

Service provider: the carrier, accommodation provider or other service provider in the field of travel, who carries out a part of the (travel) agreement on behalf of Extralingo.

Own accommodation: journeys where the traveler only reserves the language course and organizes the accommodation himself.

Office hours: Extralingo's customer service is available on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the exception of official recognized Dutch holidays.

Travel organizer: Extralingo, which in the exercise of its business, in its own name to the public or to a group of people in offers pre-organized tours.

Travel agreement: the agreement in which the tour operator (Extralingo) commits itself towards its counter-party to provide a pre-organized trip that includes a language course of a period of at least 1 week as well as at least one of the following services: 

  1. transport; 
  2. accommodation; 
  3. another tourist service not related to transport or stay, which represents a significant part of the journey.

Travel sum: the total amount of the booking, excluding any booking costs, and any possible insurance costs such as a cancellation- and/or travel insurance.


  1. the counter-party of Extralingo, the (''principal booker’') or;
  2. the person on whose behalf the trip was booked and who agreed to this;

Working days: the days Monday to Friday, with the exception of official recognized Dutch holidays.

Article 2: Additional Information by the traveler

  1. The traveler will provide the additional information required for the correct execution of the (travel) agreement at the latest (immediately) after the conclusion of the (travel) contract with Extralingo, and at least at the request of Extralingo.

2. The traveler is responsible for the timely provision of this information to Extralingo. If the traveler fails in this information obligation, article 3.3 of ANVR -Travel conditions applies.

Article 3: Contact with the traveler

  1. The principal booker is jointly and severally liable for all obligations to himself and (co-) travelers arising from the (travel) agreement.

2. All correspondence (including payment transactions) between the traveler(s) on the one hand and Extralingo on the other hand takes place only via the principal booker.

Article 4: Exclusion Right of withdrawal

  1. The traveler has no legal right to revoke the (travel) contract.

Article 5: Insurance

  1. Extralingo advises the traveler to take out a cancellation- and travel insurance before concluding a (travel) contract.

2. It is possible to take out a cancellation- and travel insurance via Extralingo. In such case Extralingo only acts as a mediator between the traveler and the insurer and is not a party itself to the insurance contract. If the traveler has taken out cancellation- and travel insurance via Extralingo, then the general terms and conditions of the respective insurer apply to this insurance contract.

Article 6: (Down)payment (in addition to Article 2.1 of the ANVR Travel Conditions)

  1. a. At the conclusion of the contract, Extralingo requests a deposit of 15% of the total booking fee and the full payment of any insurance products that have been taken out.
    b. The applicable down payment will be mentioned in the offer.

2. The remainder of the travel sum must be received by Extralingo no later than six weeks before the day of departure.

3. If the (travel) contract is concluded within six weeks before the day of departure, the entire travel sum must be paid immediately in all cases.

Article 7: Cancellation by the traveler (cancellation)

  1. If an agreement is cancelled, Extralingo may charge the traveler - in addition to any booking charges - cancellation costs. The traveler receives the following percentage of the travel sum return:

Day prior to the startdate

% of the total amount that you get refunded

41 until 28


27 until 14


13 until 2


1 or shorter/during your trip


2. If the relevant offer states that the trip can not be canceled, the trip can not be canceled and reimbursement of the travel sum is not possible.

3. If a trip is composed of different parts, different cancellation provisions may apply to these parts. Extralingo informs the traveler of these deviations in advance.

4. Extralingo may deviate from the cancellation costs as set out in paragraph 1, if this is the case Extralingo will explicitly point this out to the traveler.

5. Cancellations outside office hours are deemed to have been made on the next working day.

Article 8: Language Courses

  1. Whenever the number of students per class is less than three, schools have the right to reduce the number of hours of the course booked. Schools may reduce the total number of hours by 50%.
  2. In case the school reduces the number of hours, the traveler has the right to cancel the course free of charge, regardless of the period. The standard cancellation charges do thus not apply in such case.

Article 9: Complaints (in addition to article 12 of the ANVR Travel Conditions)

  1. If the traveler has a complaint about the execution of the (travel) contract before, during or after the trip, the traveler must report this complaint to Extralingo as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to

2. If the traveler has reported the complaint as meant in article 8.1 by telephone, the traveler must also confirm the complaint to Extralingo by e-mail at

3. The traveler will receive a response within 1 month to the complaint submitted by e-mail.

4. Travelers are free to submit complaints about Extralingo via the European Commission's online dispute resolution platform: click here. More information about this procedure can be found on the following website: click here .

You can also download our Terms and Conditions in PDF format.


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hearing You understand... • Some words and basic-sentences • Common words and sentences
supervisor_account You can... • Briefly introduce yourself
• Give answers to some simple question
• Introduce yourself (shortly)
• Give answers to some simple questions
mode_edit You can... • Fill in simple forms • Make short notes
• Write a very simple personal letter



You understand... • The thread of a story • Different opinions • Usually the whole story
supervisor_account You can... • Join a conversations about everyday subjects
• Briefly give and substantiate your opinion
• Talk fairly well with locals
• Clearly explain and substantiate your opinion
mode_edit You can... • Write down experiences and impressions in a general way • Write down experiences and impressions in a detailed way



hearing You understand... • Complex stories and opinions • Literary and academic texts
supervisor_account You can... • Effortlessly take part in a variety of conversation • Effortlessly have complex conversations and discussions
mode_edit You can... • Write down comprehensive text
• Write down detailed situations on paper
• Write a comprehensive essay
• Use complex words in your descriptions

If you do not have any prior knowledge of the language at all, then you are a total beginner. In case you already have a little knowledge, you may consider yourself A1.

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