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30-05-2018 by Team Entrelenguas

It is not only its size (40,000 inhabitants), its excellent climate or the fact that it is strategically located in a beautiful, natural setting, surrounded by green landscapes. It is also the kindness of the people of Ronda, the small local businesses and the authentic traditions that makes this city the ideal place to immerse yourself into Spanish culture and to get to know Andalusia and its people very closely.

Last link to the white villages
There is no doubt that historically Ronda does not need to envy other Spanish cities. The last link to the white villages; Romans, Arabs and Christians passed through Ronda, so it is nourished by a rich cultural legacy that makes it one of the most representative cities of the Spanish history and culture. "Without doubt Ronda is the most authentic representation of what any traveller knows as Andalusia, the customs, the culture and its people", says Alex Montesinos, Director of Tourism at the Spanish school Entrelenguas and official guide of Andalusia.

The Puente Nuevo
Almost everyone will know this beautiful city because of what has become the symbol of the city: the Puente Nuevo of the eighteenth century, which connects the two parts of the city, situated on a deep gorge more than 100 meters high. In the new part we find a more urban atmosphere, with the main shops and more frequented bars. The old part, however, with its pedestrian streets, nice, unexpected corners and small shops, is much more tranquil. 

Located among green landscapes
It is here, in the San Francisco neighbourhood, with breathtaking views to the countryside and almost immediate access to the main hiking tracks that lead us to the valley, where Entrelenguas is located. "We were looking for a different and original building and not a normal academy. We wanted to move away from the dense tourist area of the city but at the same time we wanted a place just a few steps from the main points of interest. We have placed ourselves in a neighborhood where tradition and authenticity could be inhaled from the beautiful air”, says Mar Rodríguez, academic director of the centre. In addition, she continues: “we wanted a familiar and close environment and Barrio San Francisco fulfilled all our needs."

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• Give answers to some simple questions
mode_edit You can... • Fill in simple forms • Make short notes
• Write a very simple personal letter



You understand... • The thread of a story • Different opinions • Usually the whole story
supervisor_account You can... • Join a conversations about everyday subjects
• Briefly give and substantiate your opinion
• Talk fairly well with locals
• Clearly explain and substantiate your opinion
mode_edit You can... • Write down experiences and impressions in a general way • Write down experiences and impressions in a detailed way



hearing You understand... • Complex stories and opinions • Literary and academic texts
supervisor_account You can... • Effortlessly take part in a variety of conversation • Effortlessly have complex conversations and discussions
mode_edit You can... • Write down comprehensive text
• Write down detailed situations on paper
• Write a comprehensive essay
• Use complex words in your descriptions

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