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22-06-2018 by Florecita

Did you know that of the 1073 monuments on the World Heritage List, 46 can be found in Spain? Theseare considered so important by UNESCO (part of the United Nations) that they would be of value to the whole world and therefore have to be preserved. We chose five of which we think you should have visited at least one during your language trip in Spain.

  1. Fairytale castles in Granada
    The Alhambra en Generalife are fairytale buildings near Granada that show the Islamic history of Spain.

  2. Living like the Moors in Andalusia
    The two cities Úbeda en Baeza  give a good idea of how the life of the Moors (the Muslim population of Spain) was like from the 9th century, combined with the influence of Italian architecture from the 16th century. This old style can also be recognized in Latin America.

  3. On pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
    Santiago de Compostela in the northwest of Spain is a famous place of pilgrimage for the Christians. The city consists mainly of Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic buildings that give the city an authentic appearance.Tip: the book The Pilgrimage to Santiago van de schrijver Paulo Coelho.
  4. The city of three religions under Madrid
    , south of Madrid is the place where the swords and ornaments of the Lord of the Rings trilogy are made. In addition, they are famous for their delicious marzipan. Three religions have had a great influence on this fairytale city: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They lived here together until 1500 in peace.

  5. The ghost forest on an island next to Tenerife
    The National park Garajonay is located in the west of Tenerife on the Canary Islands. This  park consists for 70 procents laurel forests. This forest species has almost completely disappeared in the south of Europe and North Africa. Due to the humid climate, in this national park you will continuously find low-hanging fog which sets up a mysterious atmosphere.

    Nieuwsgierig geworden naar alle werelderfgoederen? Kijk op de website van UNESCO, waar alle werelderfgoederen te vinden zijn.

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